Brand Identity Designing

Among the top brand identity designing services providing firms, Digital Hawk provides excellent services to companies within India and all across the world. Brand identity is what your company is based on. It is the overall estimation in which a company is considered by its internal as well as external stakeholders based on its past achievements and probability of its future growth. It is the perfection of everything your firm does, from the item’s quality to the representative conduct, and everything in the middle of that. It takes a long time to assemble, but, just a moment to be torn separated. We help you with maintaining your brand identity as it should be.

No matter you are a startup or an international legacy, we create a visual brand identity that resonates with your target audience and achieves your desired goals. We design and create packaging, social media, emails, billboards, and much more.

Creating the perfect design involves a process where we work with you through market research, brand positioning, and design, etc. We also develop the launch and promotional activities in order to help your new branding materials find their own prestige in the real world.

Our Brand Identity Design Process

Digital Hawk uses marketing industry-leading guidelines to help you in determining your brand and establishing brand awareness among your customer. In our brand identity designing services, we provide a comprehensive set of services that ensure you are ready to launch your new firm or reveal your completely new identity to your customers. Our brand identity designing process include:

  • Defining Target Customer
  • Clarifying Value Proposition
  • Selecting Brand Fonts
  • Brand Style Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What does your brand design service cost?

The cost depends on a company. Rebranding a large multinational company with years of experience is a different proposition to designing a logo for a new small shop. Therefore there are several things we need to know before we send a proposal to our clients. You can send us an email telling us about your business, where you want to take it, and how you would like us to help.

Q2. How long does it take?

This is another thing that depends on the type of firm you have. Most of the projects have lasted anywhere between 2 to 3 weeks and a maximum of six months. This is mainly determined by the number of materials required to be designed and also due to the number of people who need to be convinced about the strongest design direction. Time is so much important and our time frames are always set-out before starting any project.

Q3. What’s your design process?

Most of our work includes the main four stages and that is research work, creative strategy, designing, and implementation.

Q4. What will you require from our side?

Designing is a 2-way process, and our client’s input is very important. We will concern about what they want to achieve and how it can be measured. Apart from that, what direction the design will take, and we will make sure that our client gets the most effective, enduring outcome possible.

Q5. What if we are from different countries?

It’s never been a hindrance for us as having most of our clients are from overseas. That’s mainly happened due to word-of-mouth. While meeting in person is preferable, and always a pleasure, we’ve found that conversation via phone, through video calls, and by email can save considerable time as well as expense.

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