Email Marketing

Email marketing is the highly-effective strategy of digital marketing where sending bulk emails to prospects and customers. We offer emails marketing services backed by world-class infrastructure that has the great capability of delivering bulk emails campaigns to potential customers. You can generate and obtain more leads with targeted campaigns from our top-class emails marketing services. Bulk emails marketing is a very strong element of digital marketing and we have designed our email marketing services to take care of every aspect of emails broadcasting. By increasing the relevancy of communications, our highly-advanced and managed emails marketing service will take your email campaigns to the next level. We do best practices of emails marketing to ensure that emails are delivered to their intended recipients.

Our Email Marketing Services Provide:

We Build Opt-In Email List

  • Work with your crew members to add opt-in email signups to contact forms
  • Take help of other social media platforms and paid strategies to grow the list
  • Add new opt-in signups before each new email broadcast

We Design Custom & Proven-Template Email Layouts

  • Analyze the content most users interact with on your site
  • Utilize the data from previous email campaigns to incorporate proven design elements
  • Work with the experienced designers to create email templates that fit your business

We Create Custom Email Content

  • Work with the business and related audience to write valuable content
  • Run contests and giveaways to increase engagement activities
  • Designs for engagement as well as conversions

We Track Your Email Campaigns

  • Track sends and delivery rates
  • Track open and click-through rates
  • Track web visits, leads, sales, and revenue for each email blast

We Test Your Email Campaigns

  • Split-test the send times & dates
  • Split-test the subject lines
  • Split-test the offers

Our Advanced Email Marketing Strategies

  • Emails of Customer retention
  • Marketing automation
  • Win-Win email campaigns

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why should we implement emails marketing for our business?

If you want to reach a large number of targeted audiences at the same time, email marketing is an ideal option to use. It should be done in a correct way else the customers can go away as they can mark the emails as spam, and they will never be read. It is a crucial job. Email marketing earns value by informing, entertaining, and teaching. This value of emails marketing converts to credibility as well as trust, therefore encouraging customers to buy the product or service.

Q2. How is emails marketing service different from SMS marketing?

SMS and Email marketing both are communication platforms that offer unique and distinct benefits. A prominent marketer will harness the potential of all of the communication channels with a proper blend. We believe through opt-in practices and customer-first principles, we can leverage the power and unlock the full potential of both the important communication channels for customers.

Q3. How is your Email Marketing services different from others?

We Digital Hawk, offer the best-in-class technology and services. We deliver an enterprise-class platform that is available 24*7 and is scalable as per your requirements. We offer sophistication and advanced functionality which has become a very important method for engaging customers and delivering higher ROI.

Q4. Are my email lists shared with anyone else?

Absolutely not. Your email lists are private and highly secured and they are available to you only. We will not resell or share any email list you create on our platform.

Q5. Can I track the unique links that I put in the body of my email?

Yes, you can include custom links to a promotion or any special page on your website and we will track every click through. Even you can see how many clicks you have achieved in real-time instantly. This is a great way to test the effectiveness of your email promotions & programs.

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