Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management is a curated process of planning and managing the brand. The ORM process merges a perfect blend of modules that include defining and positioning the brand, as well as delivering the brand value constantly. A well-planned brand reputation management creates customers’ commitment to your business.

Why Choose Us For Online Reputation Management Service?

Digital Hawk provides ORM Services that make you better understand the role of online reputation management in today’s business as well as the media landscape. No matter what is the size of the company, they can be benefitted from having a clear outline of the main concepts of online reputation management.

There are so many misconceptions related to ORM. Many people think it is just social media monitoring, some people think it has something to do with public relations, Brand Management, and still many people literally have no idea how online reputation management can impact your business. Our comprehensive ORM strategy ensures an increase in ranking in different search engines. Here is the process of our ORM services.

  • Discover
  • Strategy
  • Optimization
  • Reporting

When you need the online reputation management service for your business, Digital Hawk is hereto provide you with the proper guidance on ORM services. We properly analyze the current scenario of business online for your company and all the facts & findings are collected and sorted in groups. After that, we create an action to execute it properly for overcoming the negative online reputation.

  • Start with introspective analysis
  • Collection of all the facts
  • Sort the Facts into groups
  • The building of an action plan
  • Execute the action plan

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How long does the reputation repairing process take?

First of all, the main concern is whether it will be able to fix your online reputation or not. There is no exact time when it comes to online reputation management services repair. According to Google, the indexed sites might take 2-6 weeks. However, there are minimal chances that your site will reach the first page in a shoot. It depends on how much repair work is required to take your website to dig.

Q2. Will Online Reputation Management help my business to grow?

Yes, of course, the ORM company will influence your business in a positive sector. It takes so much effort for an online management company to manage your online reputation. Reputation Management Services is important for your business because it helps in increasing the sales of your products or services. Additionally, it serves as an easy way to connect with people. We, as an online management service provider, put in the insight of your good reputation. The success of your business totally depends upon the online reputation management that will run behind your brand in a digital platform.

Q3. How to respond to a negative review?

If you find a negative review, then you should respond to it within 24 to 48 hours. If there are some flaws in your brand or page, set in right there. Try to reply to them in an authentic voice because customers want more organic replies than the robotic statements. Your customer will acknowledge your effort if you keep your conversation honest and to-the-point. Do not reply aggressively and keep it polite, civil, and the problem at hand. Just think of the future customers and then respond to the bad reviews accordingly.

Q4. Is it possible to remove negative or inappropriate reviews?

From a review platform, negative reviews or comments cannot be removed. Some ORM service providers claim that they can remove the bad comments but this is not right. You cannot remove them, however, you can always manage those bad comments by not replying to them as they only seek attention out of the entire scenario.

Q5. Can I remove negative reviews?

No, you cannot remove negative reviews. Currently, there are no such methods available to remove negative reviews. You can just strategize your plans to deal with the negative reviews, but they cannot be deleted permanently. Online reputation management help in getting rid of them in the most professional way and helps in improving the reputation of your brand that leads to growing your business.

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