Pay Per Click

Digital Hawk is an eminent PPC (Pay Per Click)service providing company known for its dedicated professionals and extensive industry experience. As we deliver high ROI through constant monitoring, testing, as well as better targeting of keywords, we are preferred by many businesses from all across the globe to manage their PPC campaigns. It doesn’t matter about your budget or your short term or long term goals, we have tailor-made plans and can manage your campaign so that you get the maximum returns on investment.

We, Digital Hawk, follow a PPC Management methodology that is specially planned to help our clients to achieve their desired goals. We provide custom Pay Per Click Services for major AD publishers such as Google Adwords, Yahoo Search, and MSN AdCenter. Being one of the leading PPC service providers, we deeply understand the functioning of various aspects of PPC platforms and their impact on marketing campaigns. Our professional experts of PPC ensure that our clients get the best returns on their PPC investment.

PPC Advertising Services

At Digital Hawk, we cover the entire spectrum of PPC management services andsurely covering sponsored and content page advertising as offered by popular advertising networks like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. The activities that are carried-out on regularly by our Campaign management Experts are mentioned below. These activities help in delivering ROI (Return On Investments) and achieve your business goals.

  • Appropriate testing and optimization of Ad Copy
  • Complete campaign building and implementation
  • Optimization on a regular basis
  • Required campaign expansion for proper growth
  • Highly authentic bidding strategies customized by search engine
  • Landing page testing and implementation for more conversions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why PPC marketing is so important?

PPC marketing is an exclusive classification for people to search for your products or services. Pay Per Click marketing not onlylet you earn money but also it will let the viewersreceive the ads strategically. PPC promotes marketing to search for your business. Through PPC, the results can be yield immediately. An increase in PPC marketing leads to revenue and more sales.

time will include constant PPC campaign management budget, exploring new keywords to expand your account, adjusting keyword bids to get a read on performance, engagement and costs, test new ad copy and ad extensions, identification of new genres to direct and bid on your accounts like demographics, devices, and locations. After this, you can take more time to dive into results directly.

Q2. How does PPC help in my business growth?

The benefits of PPC Campaign can be outlined in several ways. Through PPC, you can yield fast results, which are much required for any small businesses to grow. PPC advertising is the fastest way to run an advertising campaign to yield instant results. You can measure the profits, costs, visits, clicks, and apart from all that, you can learn how much you have spent and is it a profit or loss. PPC recognizes the brandand opens the doors to local customers, budget-friendly, and a great tool for functionality and rich reporting.

Q3. Should PPC be used by big brands only?

You can bid on big brands so that you can dominate your search engine results and on clicking with some great brands, you can also able to control your messaging.Brands will enhance the rate of buying decisions from the current prospects. People clicking on branded terms will formulate the landing pages and help in increasing the conversion rates.

Q4. How much time it will take to launch a PPC campaign?

The performance of a PPC campaign depends on the goals you have fixed for your business or your website. A minimum period of 3 months will be required to get the results. As PPC works in the short term strategy, so a period minimum of 3 months required to run PPC campaign advertising.

Q5. Do people really click on online PPC ads?

Yes, PPC Ads that appear in the search results earn around 50% of page clicks. Moreover, people who click on ads are twice as likely to buy a product or service as an organic visitor, or someone who visits your website without clicking on the ad. You can reach people looking to buy, which can make an immediate impact on your sales numbers through PPC Ads.

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