SMS Marketing

SMS marketing services is about sending promotional campaigns for marketing purposes using text messages. These SMS are mostly meant to promote time-sensitive offers, sending updates, and alerts to people who have consented to receive the text messages from your side. The bulk SMS & Text message marketing services offered by Digital Hawk is the most economical and effective way to target your potential customers. Precise as well as accurate Text message marketing campaign helps in measuring the results in real-time. Our tailor-made Text message Marketing process helps in promoting your business across your domestic as well as international customers.

From SMS campaign setup to the scheduling of message, and from sending to reporting, our user-friendly platform does it all with just a few clicks. Our custom bulk Text message marketing plans help you promote your product or services to your domestic and international customers with ease. With our bulk SMS & Text marketing services, your customers will get promotional offers, coupons, and reminders, etc. on their mobile anytime anywhere.

SMS Marketing Services Process

  • It is simple, effective, and economical. Send Text Messages from anywhere. One may get started with just a few simple steps.
  • SMS will be sent to customer database city/state-wise and target industry-wise.
  • We prepare the customer database and send messages from your side with your sender id and contact details to your customers.
  • SMS can be sent to databases owned by us, or you can import your own selected list of contacts to whom SMS needs to be sent
  • You will be provided with proper delivery reports for every activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is SMS & Text message marketing services effective?

Things involve in SMS marketing like response time and reach makes Text message marketing effective. According to particular research, 90% of mobile phone owners say they frequently carry their mobile phones with them. Reports suggested that reports that around 98% of all text messages are read within five minutes. There is not likely a faster and more guaranteed read than text message marketing.

Q2. What can businesses include in a text message?

In SMS (Text Messages Content) marketing, only 160 characters are allowed. This can include all like letters, numbers, symbols, spaces, and punctuation. For businesses who want to send links redirecting them to specific landing pages, then, URLs can be shortened significantly to avoid using up all the allotment allowed for characters.

Q3. Can text messages be customized?

Yes, text messages can be customized. Your businesses can be determined which customer get SMSs and what should be in each SMS. Additionally, messages can be personalized to include the name of the customer, order status, and even a specific landing page on a website.

Q4. How do we get customers to opt in to receive SMS?

Your business can send a text message with an opt-in keyword, asking the customer to reply back the same keyword to a short code. Similar to any website, a short code is a unique location that your SMSs are sent to. Offers such as discounts are sometimes offered as an extra enticement.

Q5. Is SMS & Text marketing services expensive?

Our SMS marketing plans come in a wide range of plans. It depends on your requirement. Our marketing channels can provide such fast and inexpensive reach for such low cost.

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