Video Production

Videos leave a high impact on the viewers and stimulate them to converts their query into sales. Videos are increasingly being used for marketing. Therefore, most of the companies are always looking for exceptional kinds of video production & editing services from richly-skilled professionals. In every field, visuals convey the message strongly to the target audience and the opportunity to get clicks. Apart from that, online views and television viewership adds extra benefits. We are here to complete all your demands related to videos.

Digital Hawk provides video production, making and editing services with having more than decades of experience in the video editing domain, catering to photographers, photo studios, ad agencies, corporates, and many more. We have the resources and skills to create as well as transform any videos into professional videos within a short time.

If you have videos and require assistance to merge or rearrange scenes, remove unwanted content, sequencing shots, and much more we can help you in that. We add music, sound, text content, graphics, special effects, sub-titles, voice-overs, titles, animations, and transition effects, etc. to enrich your video and make it appear professional and eye-catchy.

Our Video Production & Editing Services

Our video editing services can provide successful video content that generates strong results in terms of clicks, online views, and TV viewership. We offer a wide range of video services such as –

  1. Film Services
  2. 360 Degree Videos
  3. Google Adwords – PPC Video Ads
  4. Corporate Videos
  5. Audio Visuals
  6. Real Estate Videos
  7. Tutorial Videos
  8. Technical Support Videos
  9. Holiday Video Editing Services
  10. Testimonial Video Editing Services
  11. Infographic Videos
  12. Storyboard Services
  13. Motion Graphics Services
  14. Character Design Services
  15. Explainer Video Creation Services
  16. YouTube Video Editing Services
  17. Video Brochure Services
  18. Video Summary Services
  19. Video Cropping or Trimming Services
  20. Online Video Editing
  21. Video Cropping or Trimming Services
  22. Product Video Editing Services
  23. Film Re-editing Services
  24. Video Stabilizing Services
  25. Virtual Reality Post-production Services
  26. Drone Video Editing Services
  27. Video Clipping Services
  28. Social Media Posting Videos
  29. Social Media Marketing Video Ads
  30. Brand Marketing Based Videos

Benefits of Our Video Production & Editing Services

We offer many benefits to our clients from all across the globe including attention to every detail, commitment to excellent quality, affordable costs, and many more. We tend to offer excellence in every project undertaken. The benefits of partnering with us include –

  • Short time Deadlines – Our timelines are strictly based on the complexity of the project and the deadline may vary depending on the quality as well as the duration of the video provided by the client.
  • Quality Processes – We adhere to strict quality standards, ensuring quality deliverables for every work within the project guidelines.
  • Quality Checks – We do proper quality checks at every stage of the video editing process to ensure guidelines are met which are required by the clients and work with the client to review throughout the completion of their project.
  • Custom Prices – We offer pricing that fits the scope of the project of our clients and overall budget. There are various plans available that fits every budget.
  • Robust Data Security – Our primary concern is the clients’ data security. To ensure high security, we use Virtual Private Network (VPN) and File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do you provide samples and they involve any cost?

Yes, we provide sample/trial projects and our trial projects are totally free of cost. The sample projects are basically meant to provide our client with a quality check and have the insight into the services provided by us.

Q2. What steps do you take to protect the privacy and confidentiality of your clients?

We take the utmost care for the security of every project. We safeguard and assure the confidentiality of all the processes and privacies of the projects of our clients. We also provide a Non-Disclosure agreement with our clients as soon as they provide us a project so as to ensure to them that their data and other information are safe and secure with us.

Q3. How can I get in touch with your team while my order is getting processed?

You can get updates 24 by 7 as our project managers are always available for our valuable clients. For a quick interaction you can avail instant messaging services through various platforms like Gmail chat, Skype, Yahoo, WhatsApp, etc., or they can contact us via email or just call us to get the continuous updates on their project. To make the communication system more convenient for our clients, we have designed our work hours as per our client’s convenience.

Q4. How much time does your team take in project completion?

Our team is highly-experienced, professional, and trained that can deliver projects in fast turnaround time. Not only that, we believe in the fact that time is money. We deliver to you processed, retouched, and edited video files normally within 24 to 36 hours of your providing query.

Q5. Will I able to give my feedback and get alterations done after the project is done by you?

Customer satisfaction is our prime motto and we do just everything for it. You can provide your feedback, give your suggestions, and our editing team will work on your stated points to bring to you a restored and enhanced video of your choice.

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